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Online Events Registration Platforms

November 1, 2010

What’s the best event registration software? Click here for a review of 5 online events registration platforms worth considering.


Hiring a Professional Speaker

October 28, 2010

Great articles covering how to hire a professional speaker and all the jargon associated with speaker contracts. Check it out below…

Auction Registration and Check Out Area

October 1, 2010

So true… Although Registration and Check-Out are the very first and last impressions your guests will have of your auction and event, surprisingly these areas are often overlooked in the planning process. 

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Auction Timeline: Post Event

August 4, 2010

See auction timeline: Auction Day

  • Reconcile budgets, perform credit card batch reports, make necessary deposits, print reports from auction software
  • Ensure all auction items have been retrieved/delivered
  • Pay vendors for professional services and goods: hotel, auction company, caterer, sound equipment providers, etc…
  • Return rented or borrowed equipment including credit card terminal
  • Conduct evaluation of the auction
  • Send thank you notes to all attendees
  • Throw a volunteer appreciation party and enjoy!

Auction Timeline: Auction Day

July 28, 2010

See auction timeline: 1 week out

  • Set up auction display and items
  • Train volunteers on-site
  • Registration and check-out set-up
  • Meet with auctioneer 30 minutes prior to doors open to provide him/her with any last-minute additions, notes and review the master catalog
  • Conduct test run of all audio/visual and electronic equipment

Auction Timeline: Post Auction

Auction Timeline: 1 week out

July 21, 2010

See auction timeline: 1 month out

  • Print catalog, bid sheets, bidder numbers, etc..
  • Assign bid numbers and table numbers
  • Prepare master catalog for auctioneer

Auction Timeline: Auction Day

London’s ‘Greenest Olympics’ Goals Slipping Away

July 19, 2010

The London Olympics in 2012 are set to fall short of a target to source at least 20 percent of energy from new local renewable schemes.

David Stubbs, head of sustainability at the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), told the London Assembly’s environment committee it is increasingly unlikely the target will be met.

This is partly due to the cancellation of a wind turbine scheme and a lack of other large-scale renewable energy projects in the city.

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