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Green Event Planning

June 7, 2010

Oh, green how I long for you to be just a color again.  Why oh why, do you feel the need to stretch and grow beyond your humble status as a vibrant and often used color in the crayon box of life. Alas, these days everyone wants to be “green” (sustainable/eco-friendly/waste free/recyclable/insert your earth friendly catch phrase of choice) and as Kermit the Frog aptly sang it all those years ago…it ain’t easy being green.

If your goal it to produce a green event, here are some suggestions I hope will help.

  • Plan Ahead – Creating a green event is all in the planning.  Being green is not an after thought or something you can throw together at the last-minute.  Depending on how green you want to be making sustainable choices can affect every part of your event from simple things like using reusable dishware or providing recycling containers.  To more complicated things like creating a lighting plan that allows for safety and practicality, but also uses as little energy as possible.
  • Take Baby Steps – Even if you want to go “deep green” and dive in head first it may not be practical for your event.  Some green choices require more money, some require more time and although new and better green products are coming along every day some are just not operationally up to snuff yet.  Make a list of small changes that are going to be easy to execute and execute them.  Then make a list of stretch goals, those things you would like to do but may not fit the budget or time restraints.  Research these stretch goals and do what you can this year save the rest for later. 

Remember every little bit helps and the simple act of thinking about making sustainable choices is a huge step in the right direction.  For a little insperation here are a couple of event who are doing it right.

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